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Your Security Matters

Premium DNS is the security solution that increases your website's speed, security and ensures your website remains online even in the face of an attack. With Premium DNS, it's your easy, one-click solution to increase the speed, security and reliability of your website. Get to secure fast!


Reliable and vigilant layers of security added to protect your website against cybersecurity threats, such as DDoS attacks.


Around-the-clock monitoring of your DNS traffic provides you with valuable insights on your website's online presence and performance.


Purchase peace of mind for your website's speed, security, and reliability for as little as $10 a year.

DNS is the first and most critical step for your domain name. It translates your domain’s IP address into readable names that are easier to remember and controls which server to connect with. DNS downtime on a website is costly for anyone with a website or online business. For every second that a visitor is not able to reach your website, it can lead to revenue loss, unhappy customers and brand damage to your business. With Premium DNS, you can ensure that your website responds faster, is secure, and always online even in the most critical threat situation - protecting you and your visitors.

Website Security Doesn't Need To Be Complicated

Website security can often be a daunting and confusing challenge to set up, and that's why Premium DNS was designed to be a simple one-click solution for our customers. With only a few clicks, most of the technical process of setting up Premium DNS is automated and handled by us. With our robust and comprehensive Premium DNS solution, we'll take care of the details while you stay focused on what you do best - all for an affordable price!

Why DNS Security Matters

Since your DNS information is distributed to multiple servers, your website's DNS will always be responsive even if one server goes down or if a DDoS attack happens. With Premium DNS in place, you can be assured that your website will always be online, even in the face of an attack.

Faster resolution than the standard infrastructure

With your DNS information being widely distributed to multiple servers across the world, your visitors will connect to the nearest server location, which leads to a quicker DNS response no matter where your visitors are located.

DNSSEC Support

The security of your website is only as strong as the weakest link in your security chain. Using the DNSSEC feature in Premium DNS, it addresses a spoofing vulnerability by making sure your visitors are always given the right website data instead of being redirected to a malicious website.

Give yourself the comfort of knowing your valuable content and domains are secure.

Activate Premium DNS to secure your domains today